Angel Wings

Those angel wings around me,
Take all my worries away.
If i close my eyes and imagine.
She is with me everyday,

The feeling of warmth and comfort,
Not afraid anymore,
For she is there to help me,
Mend the heart that others tore.

I see beyond the horizon,
A pot of shining gold,
And in this pot i gently put,
The worries and fears that i hold,

I know she will look after them,
And keep them safe for me,
Then i will no longer carry them,
For she is here to set them free.

With this she will carry me,
Into my future for i will see,
That no-one else can hurt me,
And this is down to me,

For i now have strength and courage,
Im not running anymore,
This will help to light the path,
For whatever lies in Store.

This poem was written/submitted by heather snedden .

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