Anything Is Possible

Anything is possible, if you think it is worthwhile
If you’re willing to go the distance, to go the extra mile.
With determination and effort, you can often achieve more
Because you don’t always get what you wish, but what you work for.
Dreams can become challenging, but no matter what the cost
Strive to complete the task before you, and you’ll never end up lost.
So bring with you your goals, and leave your doubts behind
Whether you think you can or can’t, you certainly will find
You’ll be right either way–so never quit, and this is why:
You’ll never become a failure, until you fail to try.

By: Melissa Underwood

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11 Responses to “Anything Is Possible”

  1. i relly like these poems…soo i decided to use one of ur poems for an english assignment….BUT THERES NO INFORMATION ON U ON THE INTERNET! how am i supposed to write a full page on u if theres not info about u!

  2. this is an amazin poem its my homework too write a sport poem and this is a great one 🙂 thx xx

  3. This is a perfect one for my assignment to find 3 poems on the internet. This is almost my fav one but in the top 10

  4. I agree with audrey im having the same problem

  5. Are your poems publish

  6. i really like this poem expecialy because i play lots of sports…

  7. I like her poems there really good.

  8. I agree completely because sports are elaborate in that they are a way to escape our lives as well as a way to view at our lives in an easier way. In the world of sports the line of victory and defeat is quite clear. There is no question of what team you are on or what position you play within the team. These things are not always clear in life. Escaping to the world of sports is a chance to think about things in our lives. That will and can help you for further in life.

  9. I absolutly love this peom its beaitful

  10. I love ur poem

  11. who agrees it’s amazing