Before I Let You Go

When we were still together,
I truly loved you,
but what’s happening right now,
I guess we are through,
it’s really hard for me,
to get off with you.
but I know this might be good
for both me and you.

I love you but i have to
set you free,
I’ve come to realized that
you’re no longer happy with me.
Even tho’ it hurts, I have
to say “good bye”
It’s really hard for me to
live without you, but
promise i would try to move on.

It hurts me so much but i have
to let you go.
But before letting you go,
there’s one thing i want you to know….
I just want you to know that
“I am always here for you,
whenever you need a friend,
to lean on en shoulder to cry on”
Before i let you go, i want to say
that someday…soon…
You gonna MISS ME…..

This poem was written/submitted by carmina carolina claravall gallo.

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28 Responses to “Before I Let You Go”

  1. WOW thats an awesome poem just yesterday i found out that the love of my life chris who i loved mmore than i even knew was not hapy and yet he didnt know why so we split up for the best and this poem says it all i love it.. you enspire me!!!

  2. this poem really touches me.. though i have moved on already, it made me realized how powerful love could be.. that even if you dont want to let go the person you love, you must have to make sacrifices, coz we cannot force them to love us . even if they do and you know its not that sincere anymore, it will not make you happy no more.

  3. cant seem 2 forget my fist love;(..till now am still aching tho we both have difrent lives alredy,i still miss him..worse,am still inlove with him

  4. awesome!

    so nice..

  5. ..wat a beautiful poem..!!

  6. DAMN THiiS PO3M iiS TiiTE! FO SHOW!
    ii LOVE iiT ! THiiZ AUTH0R CHiK WRiT3S G3WD!

  7. Omg this is the only thing i could find that says how i feel. I just found out that my love just fell out of love with me and when i showed him this i was crying and he walked away crying

  8. this poem is really touching me…teaching me to learn how love is become powerful..

  9. i love this bf just broke up with me and it shows how i feel

  10. wow this make me cry but i love it

  11. This poem has so much meaning behind it. Sometimes you are better off without the person you love, because being with them you just cannot do. I made some mistakes in my relationship but my partner wasn’t willing to work it out wasn’t willing to try anymore. & it hurt me because I felt like I gave up o many sacrifices, I forgave all their mistakes, but they can just walk away from me. Our relationship was not perfect but I gave all that i could at the time, & may your all is not enough for the other person, So it’s best I move on!

  12. This is so’s straight to the point.

  13. Well written and expressed..shows how you actually feel..

    I’m still in love with my ex … and I can’t seem to let go yet ..

  14. this is lovely poem and i need so much to say good bye.. my life

  15. wow… i know this felling 🙁 i know how you’re feeling cos we all have been through this

  16. Brilliant poem and its really making me cry and heal at the same time. That’s therapy for the one who needs it. Awesome.

  17. This is really true.

  18. wowwww….. nice poem… so heart touching… 🙁

  19. Wooow!!! Brilliant!

  20. Awesome! after reading this poem i have reached my decision. I have been in a relationship for 5 yrs. Bt recently she has been a little distracted. We dnt even talk regularly. I think i know that she has started liking sme1 else and now is the time to let her go. Coz it wont do any good to hold her with me coz of her guilty conscience. This poem was awesome. Expressed all i wanted to say to her.

  21. ohhhhhhhh….that’s beautiful…
    be brave…

  22. very true :))

  23. intelligent! I love this poem so much.:) it gives me now the right thing to do! thank you:)

  24. hi to all u guys, thnx f0r d nice n very inspiring c0mment..i rily appreciate it s0 mch…i write it d0wn dat p0em based on my 0wn experienced.. U can add me in ur faceb0ok if u d0nt mind..jst search my name carmina gallo..thanx s0 mch n g0d bless u all!

  25. this poem rly touches me ….its rly heart touching…:(

  26. Im in love with thes pome and I’m 11 and I have a boy frend and it’s all most the end of the school yer I’m moving and so is he I’m going to b so so so so so sad 🙁

  27. hello ms.carol may i know wer u r living now u hav so much beautiful to ponder poems you composed

  28. It was hard letting go she gave me many chances I just thought of I come show her I was faithful that was enough I love her so much maybe she realize later but it hurts so much and this poem hit on all notes