Dreams within reach

No balls nor chains to tie me down
My true colors shine through to help hide the frowns
Of choices made and friends left behind
To take care of two little girls, I’m proud to call mine
They give me the strength to make it through
To keep reaching above, till my dreams come true
Though times it may get hard, and I would like to lie down and cry
Never once does it cross my mind to kiss it all good-bye
Though I stumble and fall trying to obtain these dreams
They always seem to help me stand back up to my own two feet
Two precious angels sent from God up above
To fill my heart will hope and love
They trust in me with their lives and souls
That I could never think to let them go
Down a path that I knew quite well
Where no one was around to even hear me yell
No one there to guide me through this game
I don’t wish for them to know the same
The weight on my shoulders from life’s lessons learned
Will remain in my mind, forever burned
If I knew now what I didn’t back then
I wouldn’t feel like I was running towards a dead end
But things happen and things begin to change
Already, my life, slowly, has begun to rearrange
For the better, I hope these girls of mine
That I myself will be able to provide
A life for them far better than mine
And not look back at what’s left behind.

This poem was written/submitted by Allishia.

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One Response to “Dreams within reach”

  1. Wow, I’m proud of you. I know what it’s like to be pregnant and alone, Your poem brought back alot of old feelings,some good,and others,not so good. If I could tell myself back then a bit of advice is…that it all gets easier with time.make time for your child, because it goes by so fast that pretty soon,they’ll have no time to make for you. Good luck,and email me if you want to. I’ve been through that and more….