Home Again

Or so we were told
Yet he sailed out to the endless sea
Giving up his home
His family.
I asked of him,
“Why do you go? Why do you leave?”
Smiling, waving,
He spoke not
Just left his home
Left me.
Taking stride upon his task,
Sunshine waxing the sunburned armor of skin
Wiping the sweat off a heavy brow,
Face unknown
Take away this pain… now!
I hear his cries lashed to the open land
That swallows him whole…
We have to chance to take a stand
He is gone
A free man.
And so I end this blessing tale
Of a hopeful wanderer of pain
Bless him, bless him,
Let my tears form into rain…
I gained a passenger
To obtain a childhood gain
Free man, free of pain
He came back home again.

This poem was written/submitted by Amanda Renteria.

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