I Am Alone

Im sitting here alone
realising your gone
i know i cant change things
i know i was wrong

they all say i dont need you
they all say im better off
they dont understand i love you
yet i never said it enough

i regret what i did
but i cant take it back
wish i could hold you
i want you back

i know you deserve better
i know im messed up
but cant go on without you
i miss you so much

baby im sorry
i know i said it before
i mean it more than ever
knowing our loves now behind a closed door

i didnt realise what i had
till i lost you
my heart bleeds inside
i cant forget you

cant you find it in your heart to forgive me
love me once again
tell me everythings alright
tell me its not the end

yet i know the end is now
i know youll never love me again
im sorry baby
that i was the one to let you down

This poem was written/submitted by Ney Ney.

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5 Responses to “I Am Alone”

  1. i can relate to this,
    and this poem,
    is AMAZING !

    borught tears to my eyes,
    thanks for sharingg !

  2. I love this poem. I’m pretty sure it relates to my bestie. It brought tears to both hers and my eyes. I love this poem so much. Thank you for sharing this great poem!

  3. This poem has me in tears. It is so beautiful. Touched my soul.

  4. This poem spoke to me like no other. I cant help tearing everytime I read it. I feel every word of it as if i were the one who wrote it. I Love this poem.

  5. To me, the most important ingredient in poetry, is timing. With out it, it can easily become just words. With timing though, those same words can become unforgettable proof that we are not alone in life. And by sharing these words, we can help heal. Thank You So Much.