Love to My Daughter

Alison my daughter, there’s no one like you
My little girl, my child number two
But sharing first place in my heart
And I still loved you, after we were torn apart

You are back in my life once again
And making me the happiest of men
My baby girl, now you’re all grown
After years, hearing your voice on the phone

We both cried, you and I
And happiness was the reason why
You’re filling the empty space in my soul
I’m a daddy again, now I feel whole

Akison seeing you again, after all these years
Expressing our love with words, hugs and tears
Five days together, how fast they did fly
On the plane flying home, I had to cry

And finding out you are a poet too
My gift of words was given to you
The next time we’re together we’ll write a poem
Run off extra copies, for you to take home

Alison my baby, you live so far away
But I promise to call you each and every day
To tell you I love you and so much more
How happy I am, as I was once before

Vist or phone call, when it’s time to say goodbye
It’s all I can do not to break down and cry
For you my daughter, I will try to be strong
Because in your eyes, my tears don’t belong

This poem was written/submitted by Harry J. Couchon Jr.

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