My Sister, My Friend, and My Hero

One more year has passed on by,
Don’t look back
Keep your head held high
For you’re missing the most valuable moments,
You see…
When you are looking down toward your feet.
Walk, if you run, you’ll find yourself wondering
Why or When
What never failed to smile down at you,
Somehow, forgot to grin.
We somehow took for granted then,
The special times we shared-
Smiles, smells of home, were there
Whenever we got scared.
I ran to and from that place,
Yet, never saw that smile.
I look up now, no place to run,
And it’s been here all the while.
I realize late, the things that time
Can’t allow us to hold for long.
The youngest, the oldest, and all in between
Can’t return, once time has gone-
Take time, hold the moments, in time they slip away,
Words one heart fought, with a smile to say.
This year will pass, as the years before,
Smile at the life, that you most adore.
When time comes and you “forget” to grin, too…
Those who remember your smile of love,
Will hold heads high, to smile right back at you.

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2 Responses to “My Sister, My Friend, and My Hero”

  1. i really like this poem i showed my sister and she loved it too

  2. My favorite poem was Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening”. I rlelay liked it because it could literally be about a man walking through the woods. Or it could be a dark, and very deep metaphor about death. It’s rlelay up to the reader what the poem is about. I rlelay enjoy that because you can almost personalise the poem to your likes and dislikes. If you don’t enjoy intense morbid metaphors, then you can read it more literally. If you do prefer the metaphors then you can also enjoy the poem, and focus in on all of them.