Please Stay With Me

Life Goes By..
Not A Single Day Or Night Has Passed Without Me Thinking Of You..
I wanted To Know Why..
So When It Finally Came To The Point Where I Found Out I Started To Love You…
You Changed.

What A Heart-Felt Surprise It Really Was..
I Felt Like I Was Being Framed.

The Sweet Words You Used To Say..
Stopped Being Recited For Quite Some Time..

Until Later I Felt I Couldn’t Go On..
I Wanted To Stop Living Right Then And There..
Until One Day You Told Me You Loved Me; You Finally Shone..
I Guess It Seemed All Pretty Fair..

What Makes Me Love You Is Your Lovely Essence..
Yet Again It Would Also Be Your Presence..
I Love You All My Heart..
Please Stay With Me..

I’ll Keep You With Me Like A Work Of Art..
I Want To Hear You Say You Want To Me To Be..

Forever Only Yours.

This poem was written/submitted by tamera.

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