Angel Poems, Poetry about Angels

A Dreamer’s Dream

“When you allow angels to be part of your life, miracles truly happen.”
A loving angel came to me in dreams.
She showed me life’s not always what it seems,
And brought me to a place where sweet dreams live.
She gave to me a gift that I now give,
A Dreamer’s Dream.
She whispered, “Take my hand and I will lead you through A place where
only sweet dreams can come true.
Close your eyes and open up your heart,
For then this flight of dreams so sweet can start.
Dream, Dreamer, Dream.”
She brought me through the darkness to the Light,
Where colors wrapped around me, such delight.
A patchwork quilt of beauty without seams,
Each color was a rainbow full of dreams.
Dreamer’s Dreams.
She led me through a hallway of pure sound,
With doors flung open widely all around.
And from each room a song would gently play.
I wished with all my heart that I could stay,
In this Dreamer’s Dream.
But we drifted in the fragrance of the breeze,
To savor all the flowers and the trees.
We tasted all of life that we could see,
And felt it flow as one in harmony…..
We Dreamed this Dreamer’s Dream.
Then my angel turned her eyes to me and said,
“You’re the Keeper of these Dreams inside your head.
Find sweet Dreamers, who would Dream of Love and Light, These Dreams
will lead them safely through the night.
Help these Dreamers Dream.”
And so I am the Keeper of this Dream, it’s true,
But I offer all my Dreams to each of you.
May their loving sweetness visit you each night
And fill your soul with Love and Warmth and Light.
Dream, Dreamers, Dream!

Always Near as You Walk

And I am no longer with you
Let no tears fall or sorrow prevail
When you see your reflection shimmer in the water
Smile and know that I see your smile
When you feel the cool grass beneath your feet
And the sun’s warmth upon your back
Know that I feel it also
When you hear the leaves rustling in the wind
Know it is my voice softly whispering to you
When you see a butterfly dancing among flowers
Know that I am dancing also
When you gently touch a puppy’s soft fur
Know that I too feel your touch
When the wind swirls across your skin
Know that it is I who caresses you
When you love another
Know that I too feel your love
These words are truth, my love
Have faith, my love
As long as beauty lives upon the earth and in the stars
And love lives in every beat of every heart
So then do I
So then do we all.

An Angel

She is a God-Sent,
Sent with a mission.
Mystic smile on her face,
Innocent eyes speaking grace.

Like a fairy from a beautiful fairytale,
Like first ray of sun falling on eyes,
Like the last candle burning on a dark cold night,
Like the drops of rain on a thirsty desert.

Comforting hands and tender heart,
Wisdom words and kind touch.
Hey!!I know You,
I know you are an angel!!!

You fix broken dreams,
You mend shattered hearts.
You are an angel,
You can’t lie.

Am I dreaming?
Can it really be true?
I wished to see an angel
And I found you.

Oh! A delicate fairy,
An Innocent one,
A cute face of joy,
A soul of immaculate emotion.

Can You hold my hands,
And take me to heaven?
Is this a dream?
Can it really be true?
You are angel
I know YOU..!!

An Angle in Heaven

I see you laying there not an word or an song
Coming from your lips ,
There is only slience and the sound of your heart beat ,
I touch your hands hoping you may give me
but I feel nothing as you sleep,
But I ask myself could I have loved you more,
Is this just an bad dream that does not go
For I only feel sadness and pain,
to know that God is taken you away
I ask myself why? can he not find another
Angel and leave you here with me,
I know that we must say good-bye
and that God waits at the other end,
So spread your wings and feel the breeze for
An angel in heavan is what you shall be,
For someday my love we shall meet
For an angel in heavan is what you shall be,
The angel I must set free….

By Frances Carmen Rodriguez

Angel friend

I have a friend that’s an angel
But, this is what I find
She’s lots of fun and silly
Quite an unusual kind

She makes me laugh
When I feel sad
And helps me get over it
When I get mad

Serious, when she must be
But, lighthearted lots of the time
Her halo is a little crooked
That’s OK, so is mine

Yes, I think you really are an angel
Angels are perfect, you see
And no matter what, from day to day
You’re always a prefect friend to me!!

I Just Love You To Pieces
My Sweet Angel Friend!!

Angel Guardians

Angels are the guardians of hope and wonder
The keepers of magic and dreams
Angels watch over you .. wherever you go
Keeping each day perfect .. and promising
A bright new tomorrow

The motto of all Angels is .. “It’s a wonderful life”
Wherever there is love .. an Angel is flying by

Angels help you carry the ball .. carry the tune
Carry your weight .. and carry on
Your guardian Angel knows you inside .. and out
And loves you just the way you are
Angels keep the world safe for humming birds
And butterflies and rainbows in spring
Angels keep it simple .. and always travel light

Angels love whispering secrets .. and whistling in the dark
Whenever you hear music .. an Angel is speaking to you
Remember to leave space in your relationships
So the Angels have room to play
Your guardian Angel helps you find a
Place when you feel there’s no place to go
Keep a spare Angel in your pocket

Angels carry high-beam lights to
Help you through the darkest hours
Whenever you feel lonely
A special Angel drops in for tea
Angels know that love is only a four letter word
We are always “Angels on call” for a friend
Everytime you hear a bell
Another Angel has earned its wings

Angels are with you every step of the way
And help you soar with amazing grace
After all, we are Angels in training
All we have to do is spread our wings .. and fly!!

Angel in My Closet

There’s an angel in my closet
There are mo monsters there
No witches, ghouls, or goblins
No lion and no bear

No aliens form Planet X
Come to eat my brain
And no more crazy scientists
That aren’t the least bit sane

With the angel in my closet
There are no four-eyed freaks
No cannibals or dinosaurs
That come wanting to eat

No rabid squirrels or giant squids
Come knocking at my door
I’m not afraid my plant will eat me
(at least not anymore)

There are no monsters in my closet
Since that angel’s been around
There are no ghosts or werewolves
Or even a scary clown

No boogieman comes out at night
To hurt me in my sleep
That angel in my closet
Will keep me safe(I think)

Those monsters from my closet
Were not all in my head
Since the angel’s in the closet
They’re all staying under my bed

This poem was written/submitted by rachel.

Angel of Death

These curses will b rectified….
now I’m headin for paradise….
The puddle of blood,
The burning rains…
won’t sigh!!!

Now there’s only one desire…
to set this soul on fire…
The roaring agony,
The envy grudge,
They cry!!!

No savior… now you’ll get…
crush Thy life for clutching death…
You living philanderers,
blood suckers,
You die!!!

The angel of death’s Comin your way…
count your breaths you can’t stay…
weep, cry
howl, run
don’t ask why???

The grave… your destination,
its the ultimate possession
the ultimate solace,
the rottin flesh,
go Die!!!

Angels in my Heart

When I have no one to turn to
And I am feeling kind of low
When there is no one here to talk to
And no where I really want to go

I search deep within myself
It is the love inside my heart
That lets me know my Angels are there
Even though we are many miles apart

A smile then appears upon my face
And the sun begins to shine
I hear a voice, so soft and sweet
Saying, “Everything will be just fine”

It may seem that I am alone
But I am never by myself at all
Whenever I need my Angels near
All I have to do is call

An Angel’s love is always true
On that you can always depend

They will always stand behind you
And will always be your friend.

Baby’s First Day

Wonder of all wonderment!
Momentous moment when small form
First feels life in itself.
When new eyes open wide
On old, old world.
When tiny hands handle air;
Touch tenderness and love.
When ears first wake to sound
And silent lips find voice and food.
Soon newly wakened baby wearies.
World will keep.
Being born is quite enough
For one short day.
Baby hands rest;
Baby mouth yawns;
Baby eyes close in sleep.

This poem was written/submitted by Mary Dawson.

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