Anger Poems, Poetry about being Angry

I Hate You

I hate you since the first time we met
For it marked our inadvertent fate
For coming into my life so suddenly
And invading my thoughts since that fateful day

I hate you for smiling at me time and again
For it made my heart smile back deep within
For the way you stare at me in deliberation
Driving my thoughts crazy with anticipation

I hate you for sending me SMS from time to time
For it made me remember you for a lifetime
For giving me countless missed calls everyday
Reminding me of your presence needlessly

I hate you for always spending your time with me
For it made me appreciate your company
For always being there when I need consolation
Helping me realize you’re someone I can lean on

But most of all, I hate you so much
For loving me forcibly without a hunch
For making me say I hate you, with charms all pure
Because the truth is…I’m just learning to love you more and more.

This poem was written/submitted by Rachelle.


anger is not love
anger is driking
anger is killing someone
anger one thing never do
love, anger love not anger
anger is ramming you head throug a glass door

when your are man you do stupid things
stupid things that are stupid
when mad you dont feel nuthing
anger we all have
anger you cant change

when mad stays
stay away from everyone
anger can kill because you do stupid things
when mad sleep
anger just anger


anger is anger
anger makes you scream
anger makes you hate
anger takes control
anger want let go
anger wants you to hurt
anger wants you to sufer
anger makes you mad
anger makes you cry
anger turns people against you
anger is anger


Anger builds up inside of me like a volcano ready to explode
The anger inside of me grows like cancer spreading fast and Destroying me
But that anger has to come out some how
Before it kills me and builds up inside of me
There are times that is not good for me to show my anger to myself And others because it is very destructive
Sometimes it is difficult for me to control my anger


How is anger escaped?
It stays deep within me.
I think about what is lost,
and the anger rises inside of me.
Every where I look,
I see what should be mine.
Envy turns to anger,
I think to myself ‘who are these people? ,
they do not deserve such a thing I have lost’
I think about what is lost,
and the anger rises inside of me.
It rises to such a degree,
that anger turns to tears.

Anger And Me

Anger is a form of fear
Anger is what I’m waiting to hear
Anger is deep down inside me
Anger drives me crazy
Anger is what turns me on
Anger is what turns me off
Anger is my enemy
Anger is my pal
Anger is gonna kill me
Anger is gonna save me
Anger might just help me
Find my true love………….
……………………..Ma ybe?

Anger And Patience

Any time I don’t understand something
Or feel unhappy with the way things are going,
Anger steps up, ‘use me; let me help’
And I used to give Anger a lot of free rein,
Till I noticed Anger wasn’t all that useful
And generally tended to only make things worse.

Now I try to rely more on ‘Patience’
As Patience doesn’t keep clicking that counter,
Adding up every resentment of the hour.
Besides, I can look straight into Patience’s face
And not have one clue what Patience is thinking of.
You know, Anger could learn something from that.

Anger Feeds Upon Itself

Anger is a virus
That needs not even air
To propagate contagion
Whenever it is shared.

Anger can’t be placed in quarantine
To contain its vicious spread
For anger feeds upon itself
And burns a flaming red.

Anger is all consuming
Anger does not desist
From destroying sensibilites
In that haze of its red mist.

Anger Inside

this anger burns deep within,
every minute the fire burns brighter,
time is ticking,
waiting to see who will be on the other side of this raging flame,
waiting to see what will happen to people who mess with me,
this fire is on raging so hot i cannot put it out,
only in your preasence does it fade away,
the lines in my heart break me,
the fires take me,
time can only tell what this great anger will cause me to do next,
even the best,
are no better than the rest,
you can wish for it to disapear all you like,
but nothing you try,
will even compare to the firery anger and deep dispair,
this anger inside me died today,
for i died with it,
it was controling me,
had me under a spell,
nows the time to,
with compell,
to release it into the pits of hell where it came from..

Anger Is One Letter Short Of Danger

Anger is fire
It burns the soul
Anger is deep sea
Drowns one to death
Anger is a storm
Blows one
Out of the world
Anger is demon
Overpowers the mind
Anger is a virus
Slowly kills a person
Anger is evil
Brings one closer to hell
Anger is madness
Makes one suffer
Anger is an enemy
Destroys one slowly
Turns friendship
Into enmity
Always remember
Anger is
One letter short of
It takes its toll
Does not spare
A single soul

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