Anniversary Poems, Poetry for Wedding Anniversary

Love Of A Lifetime

I knew from the beginning of time,
That we’d be together forever.
Some say love isn’t worth a dime,
But the love that we have, proves it all wrong.
Ever since you’ve been a part of my life,
I’ve come to see that I want to be your wife.
You’d do anything for me.
So whenever you feel the time is right,
Feel free to get down on one knee,
And say the words that sound oh, so right.
In front of our family and friends,
We say those sacred words.
Starting our lives together,
We have waited so long.
Our love is so strong for each other,
We decide to have a family together.
Whether it be a boy or a girl,
May it be the most beautiful miracle.
She will have the cutest little curls,
And he will have his Daddy’s little grin.
He will attract one special girl,
Like you did me when we were so young,
Which was such a long time ago.
The kids are all grown up now.
We’ve grown old, but our fire still burns.
We look back on what a wonderful life we shared,
Wonderful kids, and now wonderful grandchildren.
Life couldn’t be any better…
We have lived the love of a lifetime.

This poem was written/submitted by Nikki Golden.

Marriage Is an Antidote for Time

Marriage is an antidote for time
As two stop time by swearing not to change,
Resisting what makes every moment strange,
Removing what makes all alone and blind.
In time, of course, the lovers will succumb
As everything must change, including love,
Granting but the grace that in them moved,
Eternal, though in time an end must come.

Baby I Truly Love You

Anniversary is a special way,
To tell you that you mean a lot
This was from my every thought,
When you are not with me
There is nothing else to see
Baby I truly love you
Because you are my destiny!

Follow Your Heart Not Your Eyes

Follow your heart not your eyes
Listen to one voice not the rumors and lies
Imperfections are important and so are mistakes
So live for the moment doing whatever it takes
Keep those you love close to your heart
And never let haters tear that apart
Real love is precious and so rare to find
So if you have it hold on cause there is no rewind
I am truly sorry for all the pain that I’ve caused
I pray you’ll forgive me for all of my flaws
I may be imperfect but I’m real

For a year now we’ve been living together

For a year now we’ve been living together
In something less than marriage, more than friends,
Reasonably happy with each other,
Satisfied to serve our separate ends.
There are no promises, nor should there be,
As we pursue our passions day by day,
Needing only love, which we agree
Need not be guaranteed in any way.
In such a case, there is a case for giving
Very little, just enough to keep
Each even with the common cost of living,
Relating what we sow to what we reap.
So does love die, for love loves not the measure
Allocating carefully its treasure.
Reason may with reason count the cost,
Yet love that is not generous is lost.


They came to the old one
who was enjoying his 110th year
and heard the laughter in his heart
and saw the twinkle in his eyes
and they asked him for the secret
of his long and healthy life.

“I could tell you that I did yoga
to keep my body in shape, and I did.
That I kept my temper tucked away in my sleeve.
That I followed the rhythm of my life
and never broke pace with my heart.
That it was fresh air, hard work, and clean living.
But that’s not it” he said.
Then he raised his arms over his head
snapped his fingers in rhythm
to a tune only he could hear
and led his frail body into a jig.
Then, laughing through his age, he added:
“I had nothing to do with it.
I was just lucky. That’s all!”

Now if they asked me
how we made it for 60 years
keeping love in our hearts
and joy in our lives
I could say it’s because you let me in
spreading the sheets of your life
soft and cool on hot summer nights
warm and comforting on cold winter days.
Because quietly and unobtrusively
you made room for me,
letting me feel my own breath,
letting me walk my own path,
sweeping the steps in front of me
ironing the wrinkles behind.
Because, so long ago,
you were a seed in my fertile soil
and I watched you grow into a bud, into a flower into the fertile soil in which I am the seed.
I might say all of those things
but in truth I had nothing to do with it.
I was just lucky. That’s all!

This poem was written/submitted by Jay Frankston.

Happy Anniversary To You Sweetheart

Happy Anniversary to you sweetheart

I woke up in the morning with a smile on my face,
I told myself today is going to be a beautiful day.
After all today was the day you and I became one,
It was a dream come true, for you I was chosen.
Everyday I spend with you, I learn something new,
I can’t even imagine what would I do without you.
Thank you for being an angel to me all these years,
Thank you for teaching me how to face my fears.
I just hope life goes on just like this forever,
I pray that you and I are always twinned together.

Happy Anniversary!

Happy Anniversary!
After many years
Pleasure is a golden hillside,
Passionate and still.
Your bedrooms and your hands are free,
After unshed tears;
Now much of life is tucked away,
No longer touched by will.
In your hearts a wilderness,
Vast and undisturbed,
Empty of all sentiments
Renews the moment’s glory.
So may years of tenderness,
Also sung unheard,
Radiant beyond all sense
Yet tell love’s ancient story.

Happy Fiftieth Anniversary!

Fifty years together is a mountain
In truth not all of us would wish to climb.
For umpteen thousand days . . . but, well, who’s countin’?
The two of you have trudged up this incline.
Yet what you see up there must be sublime.

Your love has shaped your lives much as the weather
Erodes the Earth into majestic forms.
A half a century of life together
Reveals the rock beneath the mountain heather,
Splendidly unmoved by passing storms

Happy Fourtieth Anniversary!

Forty years together you have loved,
Opening a door to love for me.
Romantic hearts bequeath a harmony
That proves more rich than any life might prove.
Years pour like water rapidly downstream,
Yielding harvests gleaned in fields to come,
Each waiting for the heart to bring it home,
Accumulating in an undreamt dream.
Rejoice, then, in a beauty never gone,
Sustained by songs more sweet because passed on

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