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Bottles and diapers

Bottles and diapers soon I will have to have
When this baby will come
It will be a necessity for this baby
I will have to have plenty of bottles and diapers around
Because they run out fast specially the diapers
I don’t want to run out of the diapers when the baby is around
Bottles and diapers have to be around where I can reach
Bottles and diapers the baby will use it every day
Until he is a child
And when he gets to be a child
I won’t have to worry about bottles and diapers again

This poem was written/submitted by Aldo Kraas.

A Baby Asleep After Pain

As a drenched, drowned bee
Hangs numb and heavy from a bending flower,
So clings to me
My baby, her brown hair brushed with wet tears
And laid against her cheek;
Her soft white legs hanging heavily over my arm
Swinging heavily to my movements as I walk.
My sleeping baby hangs upon my life,
Like a burden she hangs on me.
She has always seemed so light,
But now she is wet with tears and numb with pain
Even her floating hair sinks heavily,
Reaching downwards;
As the wings of a drenched, drowned bee
Are a heaviness, and a weariness.

A Baby In The House

I knew that a baby was hid in that house,
Though I saw no cradle and heard no cry;
But the husband was tip-toeing ’round like a mouse,
And the good wife was humming a soft lullaby;
And there was a look on the face of the mother,
That I knew could mean only one thing, and no other.

The mother, I said to myself, for I knew
That the woman before me was certainly that;
And there lay in a corner a tiny cloth shoe,
And I saw on a stand such a wee little hat;
And the beard of the husband said, plain as could be,
‘Two fat chubby hands have been tugging at me.’

And he took from his pocket a gay picture-book,
And a dog that could bark, if you pulled on a string;
And the wife laid them up with such a pleased look;
And I said to myself, ‘There is no other thing
But a babe that could bring about all this, and so
That one thing is in hiding somewhere, I know.’

I stayed but a moment, and saw nothing more,
And heard not a sound, yet I know I was right;
What else could the shoe mean that lay on the floor,
The book and the toy, and the faces so bright;
And what made the husband as still as a mouse?
I am sure, very sure, there’s a babe in that house.

A Baby is a Miracle

This little tiny baby
Was sent from God above
To fill our hearts with happiness
And touch our lives with love
He must have known
We’d give our all
And always do our best
To give our precious baby love
And be grateful and so blessed..

A Baby Running Barefoot

When the bare feet of the baby beat across the grass
The little white feet nod like white flowers in the wind,
They poise and run like ripples lapping across the water;
And the sight of their white play among the grass
Is like a little robin’s song, winsome,
Or as two white butterflies settle in the cup of one flower
For a moment, then away with a flutter of wings.

I long for the baby to wander hither to me
Like a wind-shadow wandering over the water,
So that she can stand on my knee
With her little bare feet in my hands,
Cool like syringa buds,
Firm and silken like pink young peony flowers.

A Baby’s Feet

A baby’s feet, like sea shells pink,
Might tempt, should heaven see meet
An angel’s lips to kiss, we think,
A baby’s feet.

Like rose-hued sea flowers toward the heat
They stretch and spread and wink
Their ten soft buds that part and meet.

No flower bells that expand and shrink
Gleam half so heavenly sweet,
As shine on life’s untrodden brink
A baby’s feet.

A Bunch Of Roses

The rosy mouth and rosy toe
Of little baby brother
Until about a month ago
Had never met each other;
But nowadays the neighbours sweet,
In every sort of weather,
Half way with rosy fingers meet,
To kiss and play together.

A Fisherman’s Baby

Oh hush, little baby, thy papa’s at sea;
The big billows rock him as mamma rocks thee.
He hastes to his dear ones o’er billows of foam;
Then sleep, little darling, till papa comes home.
Sleep, little baby; hush, little baby;
Papa is coming, no longer to roam.

The shells and the pebbles, all day tossed about,
Are lulled into sleep by the tide ebbing out.
The tired shore slumbers, stretched out in the sand,
While the waves hurry off at mid-ocean’s command.
Then hush, little darling; sleep, little darling;
Sleep, baby, rocked by thy mother’s own hand.

The winds that have rollicked all day in the west
Are hushed into sleep on the calm evening’s breast.
The boats that were out with the wild sea at play
Are now rocked to sleep in the arms of the bay.
Then rest, little baby; sleep, little baby;
Papa will come at the break of the day.

Sleep, little darling; too soon thou wilt be
A man like thy father, to sail o’er the sea.
Then sleep will not come at thy bidding or prayer,
For thou wilt be harassed by danger and care.
Then sleep, little darling; rest, little baby;
Rest whilst thou may, dear, and sleep whilst thou dare.

A Letter to my Mom ( from your unborn child)

Can someone stop the hands of time?
If it means that you will change your mind-
I know you’re scared and I am too
But the choice is yours. What will you do?
Don’t take me now for I am not ready
Remember Aunt May got me that stuffed teddy?
And Uncle Bob got me a ball and glove
” Something that every good boy would love…”
( I guess he doesn’t realize that I am a girl
And I will love ribbons and dresses and curls)
You’ll dress me as Cinderella or maybe Belle
And I’ll dream of the fairies in the stories you tell
We’ll watch Barney together, me and you
Dancing and Singing all the way through
I wish you could hear the things I say
But I’m safe in your tummy tucked away
Please let me stay; there’s just enough room
Let me grow inside you and don’t just assume
That I’m only a tissue that happens to be in you
Because I am your baby and I know that i love you.
Even though I’ve never seen your face
I know that you’re real and I should ve in this place
I know your laugh, your voice, your step and your song
And soon your hug and kiss–yes, where I belong
Is right here with you–please give me my wish
That you’d make the right choice and please let me live.

This poem was written/submitted by Shynese McFall.

A New World

You have been born in a world of time, peace, love and hate.
A world that can make you or break you.
An where faces may change,
where hearts are broken.
A man you will become an in God you will believe.
For this is a world were nothin is with ease.

This poem was written/submitted by Tavis Peek.

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