Break Up Poems, Poetry for Breaking Up


You ask me to leave you
Knowing fully well it can’t happen
You ask me to deceive myself
Telling me it is your hearts summon

If you had to go then,
Why you wired my winsome life
Why you wilted me so much
Simply to slice me with wordy knife

The pain the pining the parting is scorching
The tempest of throbbing heart is enticing
Its only sincere resident
Looking glass- the self reticent

Oh! My tormentor may you have peace
Though I am shredded piece by piece…

This poem was written/submitted by anu.

“Waiting for my dawn”

My life is in the dark
and i m all alone
i am starving for one spark
for he has gone

With the increasing darkness
hopes for the lights have grown
as the joy is awaited by my lonliness
i am waiting for my dawn

When i think,why am i alone
why everybody has gone.
why my night is so long
i find reason as “me”

I make one,i break one
i win one,i loose one.
its due to me that every body has gone
thats why,still i am waiting for my dawn

Today even my night is crying
i can see clearly everywhere
my dead thoughts and feelings lying
i am craving for the answers i am asking-

Why my life’s house is empty,
why there is no one in my heart’s lawn
why i am not enjoying my night
why? why am i waiting for my dawn

This poem was written/submitted by juhi.

And Now It’s Gone

What do you do when you realize that all you ever wanted was what you always had?
Somehow knowing what I’m missing makes it hurt so bad…
When I needed some time away, you moved on like you should…
I guess it took me too long to see that what we had was good…
You tried to let me in again and trust me like before…
I really would give anything to re-open that door…
I told you a year ago I knew what I wanted- and what I wanted was you…
Too bad for me, today that is no less true…
I never imagined that one day we would really be apart…
Just know that no matter what I do; no matter who I’m with, YOU are the one who is in my heart.

This poem was written/submitted by Jenny Morehart.

As I Say Goodbye…

As i say goodbye
to you and me
i hope you understand
it wasn’t meant to be

We shared the love
we shared the fun
but the clouds are rolling in
and now i’m done

You brought me back
from the brink
but not now
we have a missing link

i opened my eyes to everything
we just aren’t meant to be
your supposed to be you
and i’m supposed to be me

This poem was written/submitted by KAt.

As it breaks

Tear filled eyes, misused again
Eye’s on the prize, heart on the floor
Comforting words filled with feign
Tell me now, how much more

Come clean, be sincere
Solving the puzzle, impossible feat
Hidden messages aren’t so clear

I’m open, I’m here, not discrete
Listen to the sound it makes…

The beating of my heart, as it breaks

This poem was written/submitted by Elizabeth Pittenturf.

Before I Let You Go

When we were still together,
I truly loved you,
but what’s happening right now,
I guess we are through,
it’s really hard for me,
to get off with you.
but I know this might be good
for both me and you.

I love you but i have to
set you free,
I’ve come to realized that
you’re no longer happy with me.
Even tho’ it hurts, I have
to say “good bye”
It’s really hard for me to
live without you, but
promise i would try to move on.

It hurts me so much but i have
to let you go.
But before letting you go,
there’s one thing i want you to know….
I just want you to know that
“I am always here for you,
whenever you need a friend,
to lean on en shoulder to cry on”
Before i let you go, i want to say
that someday…soon…
You gonna MISS ME…..

This poem was written/submitted by carmina carolina claravall gallo.

Broken Friendship poem

My tears are not of loss
But of time too quickly gone.
I miss our days together
Even while they’re going on.
I savor odd, sweet moments
When you laugh or when you smile,
Nostalgic for your presence
Though you’re with me all the while.
Strange how fantasy
Can wander in and out at will,
Looking back from somewhere
That is just beyond a hill.
And so when once you leave
You will not leave me alone,
For I will have you with me
Long, long after you are home.

Broken Heart

Broken heart never love again,
Broken heart all because of men,
Broken heart never to be replaced,
Broken heart the problems I have faced,
Broken heart what’s the future gonna be like?
Broken heart that was the final strike,
Broken heart who is to blame?
Broken heart you put out the flame.

This poem was written/submitted by Samantha.

Broken-Hearted girl

If i had one more chance,
I would turn back time,
and I would have never let you
walk right out of my life.

You said you would never leave me,
until the day you said goodbye.
You broke my heart,
and now i am afraid to give love another try.

My heart is in two,
I am feeling so blue,
and that is because i am missing you.

My whole world is crashing down,
and you don’t even care.
Nothing is the same,
when you are not here.

This poem was written/submitted by Jade.


you told me a lie
tou said you loved me
I believed you but why?

I guess it was all just a game
maybe i thought you were different
that you wouldn’t be the same.

i was such a fool
to trust in everything you said
i thought i f*cking loved you!

your words cut my heart like a knife
when the truth came out
baby, i loved you, you were my life.

you heard all of my fears
all my secrets all my dreams
you would listen untill i broke down in tears.

but none of that matters anymore
you obviously never cared
you had to go and shut that door.

This poem was written/submitted by Samantha.

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