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Before I Let You Go

When we were still together,
I truly loved you,
but what’s happening right now,
I guess we are through,
it’s really hard for me,
to get off with you.
but I know this might be good
for both me and you.

I love you but i have to
set you free,
I’ve come to realized that
you’re no longer happy with me.
Even tho’ it hurts, I have
to say “good bye”
It’s really hard for me to
live without you, but
promise i would try to move on.

It hurts me so much but i have
to let you go.
But before letting you go,
there’s one thing i want you to know….
I just want you to know that
“I am always here for you,
whenever you need a friend,
to lean on en shoulder to cry on”
Before i let you go, i want to say
that someday…soon…
You gonna MISS ME…..

This poem was written/submitted by carmina carolina claravall gallo.


LOOkIng StRaIghT AhEaD,
MoTionlEss AS sHe LAy,
AS They TooK THe MOst ImPOrTaNt THing SHe EVer HAd AWAy,
THerE wAS NOT mUCh PoinT IN SCreAMinG AFter THEM “hES minE”
SHe JUst LAy THerE IN SIlENce,
AND StopPed HERsElf FroM CRyInG,
They TUrNed To HEr AND AsKed Was SHe REadY To LEavE YEt,
She JuSt NOddED ANd HAlF SmIlED,
HANds FiLLed UP Wit SWEat,
She PUt On A BRaVe FAce,
And STooD uP FRom WHere SHe SaT,
She LooKed DOWn At HEr STomAch,
IT WAs WeIrd Now It WAs FLat,
ON Her WAy OUt,
SHe ThoUghT She’D TaKE ONe LasT Look,
One MInute And sHe FEll In LOve,
ThAt Was ALL iT took,
iN A PlasTic Cot, He Lay There STiLL AN BarE,
HiS HAnds WE’rE REaLLy TIny,
He EveN Had Some HaIr,
Now The TearS wEre COminG,
THaT Was All SHe COuld tAke,
Her LIps BEgAN TO TremBlE,
HEr BOdy BEgAn To SHake,
An ARm WRaPed ARouNd HEr ANd She Was Led To THe DOoR,
She WoKe Up THe MOrNiNg,
EyEs Red ANd sORe,
SHe rEmEMbEREd All Of YEsTerdAy,
ANd BEgAn To CRy,
HEr LIfe FElt Like life Was OVEr….
IT WAs FOr Her LIttlE bOy!

This poem was written/submitted by nadine.

Good bye

Never have I hurt this much,
never cried so many tears.
This pain you’ve caused,
it’s not your fault,
this I know with all of my heart.

I want to hug you,
but also to slap you,
kiss you but also attack you.
This pain is so intense;
it takes my breath away.

Who am I to turn to?
What am I to say?
How could one person be the cause of so much pain;
easily break a heart into so many tiny,
jagged pieces? I want to hear your voice,
but never again see your face.

I want to hold you in my arms;
I still wish that you were mine.
thought there was a chance for us,
there’s still a love you can’t deny.
The tears pour down yet once again,
and my heart breaks anew.

Oh, how I already miss you.
Never again will I laugh with you,
never again smile at your jokes.
This is it, this is the end,
this, is….goodbye.

Good bye

Goodbye for now
You and I have been through everything together
Now it is time for us to part
You will always have a place in my heart

But not to worry
Friends never really say goodbye
Eight long years we’ve known each other
I was like your brother

Now all of a sudden
You need to go
Do you really need to though?
This makes me sad

Keep in touch
For our lives are only begining
We have much more to look forward to
I will miss you

Faith will let us meet again
You will find new friends whereever you are
So Until we meet again
Farewell my friend

Good Bye

This poem was written/submitted by Jonathan.

Good Bye

my love is for u and only u
ur always on my mind
as hour and hour goes by
i think of when u said goodbye
tell me u love me and i will sink
sink in the love u once givin me

This poem was written/submitted by desiree villagomez.


You are moving out to Germany
Where the people have died
Where you are away from me
Why do you have to go

Because your dad said so
His job is sending him there
I will miss you so much
You and me were friends

I will miss your neediness
Your brains
Who will I copy of now?
Who will wait for me when we got to PE?

You’re moving all the way to Germany
In another continent
Another language
Another custom

I have problems to deal with without you
But I shouldn’t worry
You have more problems to face
But know, I will be there for you always

Backing You up ’till the end
Im will cry when you’re gone
For you are not the only one i will lose
Sarah is gone and now you

You both have moved away
But keep in touch
If I keep on writing i might weep
But I will stay strong for you

I will pray for you
Goodbye my friend
You’re one of a kind
So now i must say goodbye

This poem was written/submitted by Jonathan.

Goodbye, Dear Friend and Graduate

Goodbye, dear friend and graduate!
Our golden time is over now,
Our time of nothing more than time,
Days of simply being friends.
But I will always treasure how
Your love for me slipped into mine,
Embracing me where courage ends.


Is their a sense in saying


YOU must


HUG that we think we were


YOU must


KISS as sweet as


KISS as torried as can

be…to show the intimacy just like NO



suddely there are tears in

the eyes that


and came the




where is the essence of



there is no GOOD in



why should we have to

utter that


if she will never

come back


when you can nerver


never can


never can feel the

warmth OF HER


This poem was written/submitted by mirage@mahusay aken11308.

I hate when people leave

I hate when people leave
Its way too hard to say goodbye
when tears are running down your eyes
Whether they have died or gone somewhere far
Its too hard to bear
To know they wont be there
And the only way you’ll see them is
if you think back in time
With the memories you have shared
now in bedded in your mind
There’s no way you can forget them
because the impression they left behind
And now you long to see them or
hear their voice again
But you know it mite not happen
It makes me sad and thats why
I hate when people leave…..

This poem was written/submitted by Christina Bustamante.

I Know

I know it’s hard to say goodbye
And sometimes I will even cry
Even though it hurts
I have to say it
I loved to come over and play
But I’ll be moving soon some day

This poem was written/submitted by mll.

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