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A Red Dirt Road

May your days always be warm and peaceful,
may each hour be sunset-bright
may your heart be filled with feelings
of contentment and delight..

May your thoughts be graced with memories
that grow sweeter all the while,
and may a red dirt road touch you
with the glow of a heaven’s smile.

This poem was written/submitted by John McCornack.

Addictive heart

How cautious and careful we can be?
How sensible and practical do we become?
How bold and imaginative we can say?
We are handcrafted by the noble hand to suit perfection no matter how tough life can be.
Like a coffee we are rich and strong but we still need the sweetness of sugar to make a cup worthwhile
a road is uneven the edges and gravel curl up our emotions till the last step.
Rise up and don’t let the brittle tounge judge you
rise up and don’t let a decieving heart break you.
The past has divided us but our beloved future unify us even tieder
oh son of god love your self not toxic chemical in the lab, believe in your heart not your corrupted mind.
Help a stray dog find it’s home don’t make pain it’s master.
Let your heart be a global friend not a terrorist.
Your love is powerful than a siege of bullets and our unity is much greater than the combined armies of the world. But trust your heart to make waves in the world.
How bold and imaginative we can ever be?
How catious and careful we can ever be?
How sensible and practical we have become?

This poem was written/submitted by Thapelo Lion.

Balance of life

If your always worried about the past,
when will you ever have time to plan for the future?
But if your always planning for the future,
when will you ever be able to live in the moment?

Black Heart

Black Heart
Hurting like a piercing dart
Poisoned by hatred and despair
Showing no care
Making peace rare

Like a rock
Rough and blocked
Unwilling to move
Unwilling to improve
Just absent
And stagnant…

Could it reversed?
Could it be nursed?
I’m curious.

Black Heart
Hurting like a piercing dart
Poisoned by hatred & despair
A disease worse than anything
A disease that is globally menacing

This poem was written/submitted by Sufiyan Al-Atas.


When it is I see you
Something starts to flutter,
Things are, thus, set in motion,
And you touch me like no other.

Things, they start to move,
And emotions, they start to roll,
I begin to lose my balance,
And then I lose control.

I don’t know where I’m going,
Or even where I’ve been,
This tilt-a-whirl keeps whirling,
The head-rush blurs my vision.

But, I do not want to get off
Or to ever stop this spinning,
Maybe, I’ll get seasick,
But, I hope it’s just the beginning.

I’m transparent and all can see,
It’s so easy for me to blush,
I cannot hide my feelings,
My giddiness is such.

And despite this heady feeling
Of a dizzy crush,
I’ll just place my faith in love
And enjoy the bubbly rush.

I’ll take whatever comes
With no idea what’s next,
And no idea what the future brings,
But I’m sure it’ll be perfect.


With dirt in my hands, i’m walking through the rain,
With a heavy heart, i’m burying all my pain.
But now i cry, with tears in my eyes,
I scream for help, remembering all the lies.

In good old days my love, I saw some trust in you,
The times we spent together, i remember – Yes i do!
I loved you then my love – more than you could see,
Can’t you see for now? I gave up my life for thee.

They said I was a blind- that’s why i loved you so,
My heart’s broken up pieces – never again – oh NO!
I push myself to leave, into the woods – away,
But i want from you my love – to die with every day.

That’s what i feel for now, as i sing this song for you,
Buried under my soul, i want to hurt – i do!
No more i live for you, under this open sky,
Singing my last of songs, i want to die – yeah DIE!

As i sing this song my love, I see i’m not alive,
No more tears, no pain – no more lives to drive.
Remember me today, as i sing this song my love,
I’ll come to you again, but the dead man sings for now…

Come to me my love, come to die this once,
Sing this song with me – once and only once


It’s an exciting adventure
Traveling along the way
You can go right now, tomorrow
Or any other day

The vision ….. Beautiful
Of every kind
The sounds ….. Soothing
Is what you will find

The road goes in many directions
It matters not, the one you take
Just travel with an open heart
That’s the decision, you need to make

What do you think you will find
At the end of this trip?
Kindness, Advise
Understanding, Support …..
Destination, Friendship

I’m so happy this trip lead me to you!!


You dream a dream,
And bathe your toes
In scarlet flows
Of icy streams.
It softly glows
Upon your knee,
For your heart knows
A dream is free.

It glitters, plays,
It makes you smile.
You waste all day,
You sit awhile.
And watch it quote
Quite quietly
Words you once spoke
Before you woke
So silently.

The turquoise sea
Is far away.
The forest trees
Have naught to say,
And no disease
Can make you die
When you have dreams
Who love the sky.

A dream believes
But never wonders,
Never grieves;
It breathes, it thunders.

It turns and twirls,
And entrances
Wavering worlds,
Because it dances.

You sometimes cry
About your dreams,
Because they die
Because they seem
To bend the breeze,
And dance upon
The quiet trees,
And then they’re gone.

Written by Anna Williams


Your smile speak sweetness
Your eyes twinkle like stars
Your hand touch me like magic
My heart treamble
I think of you at night
When my weary mind atrest
In my dream i kiss you
With all my heart cares
When my eyes open at dawn
Yyou were just a dream in my rest…..

This poem was written/submitted by mirage@mahusay aken11308.

Excess Baggage


You looked exhausted
Got hurting shoulders
With aching back
And tired feet

It’s because
You have too much to carry
Burdens to worry
No more space for yourself

Simplify your life
Leave things & people behind
Bury the hatchet
Don’t linger in the past

Rearrange, reassess, recover
And be with the Redeemer
Do not allow others to clutter your turf
And give you… the excess baggage…

This poem was written/submitted by Che Divino.

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