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Never Forget

No matter what happens,
No matter what you do,
I hope that you will stay the same.
I hope you’ll always be you.
God made you special,
No one can take that away.
So when the problems call
And the darkness falls,
Never forget that someone cares about you.
Never forget your dreams;
They aren’t as far away,
As you might think they seem.
Let nothing get you down,
And when the times get rough,
Simply smile like a circus clown.

Please let me am what I am….

I am not asking for a bounded love
I am not asking for any support
I don’t want sympathy
I don’t want any knot

Without fear I want to fly
Completely opening my wings
I want to cover whole sky
Playing tunes on my strings

I want my love to be unquestioned
I want my life unpredictable
I want situations to be unrevealed
I want tears unavailable

I want silence
Peaceful not conflicting
I want smiles
Humble not irritating

Let me live like it’s a new day
Let me live up to my name
Please let me catch a new ray
Please let me am what I am….

This poem was written/submitted by juhi.

Reason to live

you came in my life like a spring
and spread joy all around me
beauty every where i can see
most pecious is you, i ever achieved
because you have given me reason to live

your presence in my life
is always i have seeked
you make me laugh,you make me cry
but you are mine,i always believe
because you have given me reason to live

my life is yours but you are free
without you i don’t have to live
my heart always throbs for you
when it will end,you can only know

let the world speak but you never retrive
because you have not only given me
but you are my reason to live

This poem was written/submitted by juhi.


sometimes in life we are not active
for making our creation crteative
In series of mountain and group of fountain
We are not prepare for situation
which involves flactuation

In death of some
And difficulties come
Sometimes we are not there for tears
And seems path is not clear

we don’t get love
And friendship of dove
Some are alone
Some are shown

Sometimes we don’t show sadness
And sometimes we cry in madness
We sometimes pray for peace
But in return sorrow we recieve

This happens sometime that we feel guilty
for our own cruelty
In world of time
We tend to get punishment for our crime
And it is necessary to balance us with lifeline

some times we miss someone
and also his love
His belongings are like moments
which were in past spent
That is why we are not active
for making our creation creative………..

This poem was written/submitted by Vishal Singh.


Sometimes words can’t describe what we feel in our hearts.
Sometimes no matter what we do, things still fall apart.
Once you’ve been hurt, it’s hard to not build up a wall.
You can’t let anyone get too close – afraid you might fall.
But what you don’t see is you’re hurting yourself…
Unable to get close to anyone else.
Feeling pain is better than feeling nothing at all.
You will regret holding back, but that’s your call.
When you find someone who makes you smile, don’t be afraid and shut them out…
Enjoy each and every moment ’cause that’s what life’s about!

This poem was written/submitted by Jenny Morehart.

Thank you for the gift of life

Thank you for the gift of life,
For letting me be me,
For all that I can know by words
And all that I can see,

For all the music I can hear
And all the songs I sing,
For all the joy that comes to me
And all the joy I bring,

For all the food that I can taste
And all the sweet scents smell,
For all the loved ones I can touch,
Who love and wish me well,

For all the beauty of the world,
Ever fresh and new,
I don’t know who else I can thank,
And so I’m thanking you.

The Great Way

The Great Way has no gate;
there are a thousand paths to it.
If you pass through the barrier,
you walk the universe alone.

This poem was written/submitted by Wu Men.

The journey of life

Walkin along the street,weary and down.
Unhappy at heart,my face had a frown.
The path was long,but i had to walk,
Lost in the world and no one to talk.
Suddenly there was a sound,
That was familiar to my ears
With an urge to hear it,
I had waited for years.
Seated on your bike,
You passed by my side.
My heart skipped a beat,
And I silently cried.
The time had stopped,
My eyes were wet.
Flashing came the thoughts,
Which i wanted to forget.
Two long years without your sight,
I had faced with all my might,
Oh God!!So long is this night,
And a battle so difficult to fight.
But never lose hopeis my belief,
Your thought is my greatest relief.
So true,a double edged knife,
Oh friend,that is the journey of life…….

To Die For

Singing, serenading,
Mesmerizing, and regaling.

You draw me into you
With those mysterious eyes.

Enchanting, enthralling,
Entangling, and haunting.

As you whisper a lullaby
With that honey-tongued voice.

Submitting, surrendering,
Succumbing, and subsuming.

So, I fall love-sick, beholden
To my one heart’s desire.

Drowning, desiring,
Smoldering, and aspiring.

And I die one million deaths
Just from the wanting of you.

Touched by An Angel

We, unaccustomed to courage
exiles from delight
live coiled in shells of loneliness
until love leaves its high holy temple
and comes into our sight
to liberate us into life.

Love arrives
and in its train come ecstasies
old memories of pleasure
ancient histories of pain.
Yet if we are bold,
love strikes away the chains of fear
from our souls.

We are weaned from our timidity
In the flush of love’s light
we dare be brave
And suddenly we see
that love costs all we are
and will ever be.
Yet it is only love
which sets us free.

This poem was written/submitted by Maya Angelou.

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