Missing You Poems, Poetry about missing your loved ones

I Miss The

I miss the way you say i love you
When i hold you close.
The way you look at me when we are all alone.
The way you kiss me when my head is down.
The way you smile when i say a joke,
Even when your mad at me when i slip up.
I miss the beat of your heart,
an how it match mine.
How you hold me on rainy days.
I miss everything about you,
and your funny ways.
i miss…..i miss….. i miss the love you bring.
But most of all i miss you my gorgeous queen.

This poem was written/submitted by Tavis Peek.

I Miss You

I miss you today
More than I usually do
I’m not sure why today is so different
I just really miss you
Your laugh
Your thoughts
Everything about you
Your scent
Your touch
I miss you so much
I’m at a crossroad in my life
I need your guidance
Your advice
I need you to tell me
It will be all right
I’m uncertain about tomorrow
In my heart
I feel great sorrow
How I wish
That I may borrow
Just one more day
With you

This poem was written/submitted by Midnite Writer.

I shall leave thee not !!

You ask me to leave you
Knowing fully well it can’t happen
You ask me to deceive myself
Telling me it is your hearts summon

If you had to go then,
Why you wired my winsome life
Why you wilted me so much
Simply to slice me with wordy knife

The pain the pining the parting is scorching
The tempest of throbbing heart is enticing
Its only sincere resident
Looking glass- the self reticent

Oh! My tormentor may you have peace
Though I am shredded piece to pieces ..

This poem was written/submitted by bob .

Just letting you know that i miss you

I miss you, i miss your smile,
And i still shead a tear every once in a while,
And even though we are different now,
You are still here some how,
My heart won’t let you go,
And i need you to know i miss you.

This poem was written/submitted by Yours Truly.


Again came the day of black lettered-
On which, the cruel fortune took the rays of my heart.

A couple of years back, on this very day,
My sweet child passed away.
Who, for her sweet four short years,
Had brought in my life a sway of gay.

Emptied my lap, munched my love,
Smiling and without uttering a single word,
Went off my crazy dove.

None has come yet, none will come,
To fulfil the empty place of my nun.
Silence prevails everywhere in my pensive mind,
Where all my griefs and pangs hide.

My fruit of love, let me know your whereabouts,
Siding all bindings, I shall meet you without any doubts.

This poem was written/submitted by paromita.m07.


After completing your daily chores,
You often feel a little bored,
You blame your teachers, your friends, your mum,
For all this sick and troubling boredom.

You shout, and then you fight,
Arguing with all your might,
Overpower and quieten everyone soon,
Exhausted, then you leave for your room.

There you sit idle, trapped in a corner,
As if it’s some place of honour,
Your mind goes blank, your eyes don’t blink,
For some time, your brain stops to think.

Your boredom vanishes away,
Anger flees in the same way,
Something unknown creeps into your mind,
That brings on your face, a much-needed smile.

All abuses and frowns are now curbed,
You are silent and lost; don’t feel like getting disturbed,
You are here, but are really somewhere else,
Won’t hear a bit, even if we ring bells.

But a minute later, your smile leaves,
And your beautiful expressions get conquered by grief,
It doesn’t happen always, because of anyone and everyone,
The thing’s just that you are missing someone.

You lie down sadly near,
Eyes closed, sealed with tears,
You’re still wandering in your thoughts,
Thinking about what happened and what not.

You remember each word someone uttered,
You actually didn’t hear what everyone else muttered,
You remember your friend teasing you for a while,
Which made you shy, made you smile.

Some eyes follow you even in sleep,
Some words hover over your mind even in dreams,
Try ending it all, but all in vain,
Can’t relieve …it’s a different pain.

So let’s just leave it to the power of destiny,
Whatever happens…just let it be,
All know it’s not easy…no good it serves,
But that’s the magic, my friend…the magic called Love!!!

Never Forget

No matter what happens,
No matter what you do,
I hope that you will stay the same.
I hope you’ll always be you.
God made you special,
No one can take that away.
So when the problems call
And the darkness falls,
Never forget that someone cares about you.
Never forget your dreams;
They aren’t as far away,
As you might think they seem.
Let nothing get you down,
And when the times get rough,
Simply smile like a circus clown.

She didn’t seem!

And I saw her again!!!!
But She wasn’t the one I knew…
She didn’t seem that person
of my moments… Those precious few

She was the same…
her face, her style…
Her eyes, her lips
Her hair ,her smile….

First time it happened
my heart didn’t beat,
she lost that charm
our waves didn’t meet…

She smiled, she talked
and hugged me again….
But that warmth was lost
her efforts in vain…

First time it happened
I didn’t melt down,
even in her arms
I didn’t get drown….

Then I asked myself,
what happened to me?
I searched within myself,
The reason what that might be.

i cried nights and days
But then did I move on
And the feelings I once had
For her are somehow gone….

Her betrayal, her lies…
Still keeps me alarmed,
My faith in love is gone,
Again I can’t get harmed….

First time it happened,
after she left me in the rain,
First time I felt healing
on my suffocating pain….

She was in my arms agains….
But She wasn’t the one I knew…
She didn’t seem that person
of my moments… Those precious few…

Waiting for ur love

Love is strong,
love is true.
I’m waiting for it,
longing for you.
The moon smiles,
I see your name in the stars But,
I can’t read it, i
t’s still too far.
Destiny holds me in the palm of her hand,
I need relief from this hot burning sand.
I want to hold you, feel your touch,
I’ve waited so long, this is all too much.
Sweetness abides in the clouds up above,
Carry me there on the wings of your love.
The warmth that comes from the one you love so,
In the dead of winter can make flowers grow.
I have a treacherous road to travel,
Before the mysteries of life I unravel.
But, you’ll be with me forever, your love in my heart,
Til the day we meet and from there never part.

What is that you are to me?

I ask myself this time and oft,
What is that you are to me…
The colour in life’s faint outlines,
My soothing shadow, my bright sunshine,
The beat of my heart, the whisper of my breath,
The kiss of life that can bring me back from Death.
A moment in time, my eternity,
In a savage world – serenity.
The best chapters of life – relived, revised,
A wish turned true, a dream realized.
My heart has answered time and oft,
That is what you are to me.

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