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A sister’s Love

A sister’s love is special
in oh so many ways
Now miles stretch between us
and minutes turn to days.

We’ve shared so much as children
the tears, the joys, the pain
A lifetime spent together
those memories remain.

In times gone by we’ve pondered
the paths our lives have taken
Knowing that in spite of this
our sister love unshaken.

A sister’s love is special
in ways that are unspoken
Still that binding force exists
our sister love unbroken.

This poem was written/submitted by Cute Fairy.

Always Sisters

Don’t forget
when you leave
all the sh*t
that you believe
all the times
we went through
all the fines
and the boos
every time we laughed
every time we yelled
we don’t lack
in giving hell
remember always
that I’m here
through the days
that make the year
through the twisters
and dead ends
always sisters.

This poem was written/submitted by Kaleigh.

Baby Sister

I use to have something,
something small,
it was my baby sister,
who helped me through it all.

with blond hair,
and blue eyes,
who always flirted,
with the guys.

always got what she wanted,
no matter what it was,
she always had,
whatever she said my parents does.

Then our lives were turned upside down,
our parent no longer there,
we only had each other,
she was all I had left who cared.

So I spent the next two year,
there for her,
mother like figure,
I was to her.

She grew up,
really fast,
the memories of us together,
was in the past.

She find love,
and I was left behind,
I pretended that it didn’t matter,
I pretended I didn’t mind.

But then I found out she lied,
to save this relationship,
she lied to me,
I cried and started to flip.

I felt so betrayed,
she lied for this boy,
I sure hope,
her heart Just ain’t his toy.

I can’t save her now,
she is to far in this game,
so I will have to be OK with it,
and keep my feelings tamed.

so I will let go of my baby sister,
and watch her fade away,
and watch her fall in love,
with this boy more and more each day.

This poem was written/submitted by Cute Fairy.

For You Sister

Fun house water fight remember I do
playing with dolls Barbie’s etc…
we’ve grown out of them
yet we’ve not grown apart
I look back to then
and i remember being so proud of having you for a big sister
thats one thing thats not changed and I’m pleased
happy birthday
I love you.

This poem was written/submitted by Peggy.

Lose You

Never thought I’d lose you,
But here I am,
Standing alone,
Without you by my side,
We’re sisters for life,
We promised,
But now you’re gone,
I don’t know what to do,
Without you,
I’m going crazy,
I’m trying to hold on,
To keep strong,
But it just doesn’t feel right,
I’m waiting here,
My arms wide open,
Tears running down my face,
Ready for your return,
Even if it takes forever,
My sister…

This poem was written/submitted by Adriana.

My Little Sister

This is my sister
very small and rude.
Every single meal,
She never eats her food.

This is my sister
And I don’t know why.
She can’t be mine
All she ever does is cry.

This is my sister
she just isn’t mine.
Well, I used to cry,
I guess she is, oh fine.

This poem was written/submitted by Bugs.

My sister doesn’t complain

My sister rolls around,
in a black and silver wheelchair.
She has been handicapped since birth
but she won’t complain life isn’t fair.
She is very bright
and loves to read.
Kindness and an ear,
she say’s is all she’ll ever need.
She is one of my bestfriends,
a truelly great person.
She is so different than most people,
she doesn’t just think about uno number one.
She wasn’t suppose to live
past the age of three.
I thank God everyday,
for letting my sister being part of the family.

This poem was written/submitted by Cute Fairy.

My Sister, My Friend, and My Hero

One more year has passed on by,
Don’t look back
Keep your head held high
For you’re missing the most valuable moments,
You see…
When you are looking down toward your feet.
Walk, if you run, you’ll find yourself wondering
Why or When
What never failed to smile down at you,
Somehow, forgot to grin.
We somehow took for granted then,
The special times we shared-
Smiles, smells of home, were there
Whenever we got scared.
I ran to and from that place,
Yet, never saw that smile.
I look up now, no place to run,
And it’s been here all the while.
I realize late, the things that time
Can’t allow us to hold for long.
The youngest, the oldest, and all in between
Can’t return, once time has gone-
Take time, hold the moments, in time they slip away,
Words one heart fought, with a smile to say.
This year will pass, as the years before,
Smile at the life, that you most adore.
When time comes and you “forget” to grin, too…
Those who remember your smile of love,
Will hold heads high, to smile right back at you.

My Sisters.

My sisters I just can’t live without
Sometimes they bug me
Sometimes they hug me
Before as children we use to play
Today we have our own ways
I will always have a big sister
I will always have a little sister
Although sometimes I wish I was an only child
I don’t know what I would do without my sisters
Having sisters means I will always have a friend
As I look back on memories of my life
I remember my sisters and all the times we had together
As I look up to my older sister
My younger sister looks up to me
Through good times and bad
We will always stick together
I love my sisters dearly and
I could not see my life without them

This poem was written/submitted by Cute Fairy.


Sister you are always their,
and for the most part you have always been fair.
Though we don’t always get along,
our relationship has always been pretty strong.

Sis. you have always shown support for me,
even when everyone is doubting me.
You always believe in what I do,
so just know that I love you.

I’m sorry for not always believing in you,
but I’m sometimes immature and don’t always think in what you do.
Forgive me for being a jerk in the past,
but aren’t you lucky that stage didn’t last.

I’m proud of you too,
and I know I can expect more good things from you.
You are so loving and caring,
I wish everyone had what you do.

You aren’t so far away from me,
but it doesn’t mean that don’t miss you
So the next time you visit you’ll see the new me,
this is just a small way to tell you I Love You.

Dedicated to my sister.I love you sis.
If you like this one read Brother.

This poem was written/submitted by Peggy.

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