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Sister Forever

You are my cousin!
Through thick and thin know matter what!
You were there all through my life!
Like an Older sister I love so dear!
We may tease or have great times!
But you were there as long as I can see!
You were by my side on the weekends!
You were like my older sister!
But we’re only cousins.
You treat me like I’m only a cousin!
But I think of you as my older sister!
The one I want to be just like!
I look up to you!
You’re the one I dream of being just like!
But you are my cousin!
But like an older sister!

This poem was written/submitted by Peddy.

Sister Hood

The joys of being a sister
Are assured through out the day
As your fighting with your big sisterand your younger ones along the way
Although I enjoy time to myself
Its always so peaceful, quiet and nice
I will never forget the way I feelwhen you ask for my advice
Each one of you are different
In everything you do
Sometimes your so unique
I have to question you
But thats the joys of being a sister
Having our good times and our bad
Some times you make me happy
Then you make me so mad
But all the the things that happen
And all the times we fall
Just know deep inside your heart
I can’t help but love you all
Our grandpa tells us the day will come
That we will be best friends
But if that day never comes
Our sisterhood NEVER ENDS

This poem was written/submitted by Danielle.

Sister, Awake!

Sister, awake! close not your eyes!
The day her light discloses,
And the bright morning doth arise
Out of her bed of roses.

See the clear sun, the world’s bright eye,
In at our window peeping:
Lo, how he blusheth to espy
Us idle wenches sleeping!

Therefore awake! make haste, I say,
And let us, without staying,
All in our gowns of green so gay
Into the Park a-maying!

Sisters – you 3.

Sisters, we are by blood and used to be by choice.
Seems it turns out for you to repetitively say I and ME, instead of WE.

There’s a longing that some day it’ll be US again,
For when your kids turn 18 or twenty-nine?

For I’ve got a heart of gold that has helped each of you three,
At the different times in your lives I’ve helped to make you free.

Tears stream down my face when I ask “why’?
Why don’t you see to even bother to make time for me?
The days just fly by.
For you that is, I just wish you’d want to spend the time with me.

You’re always to busy.
Well, that words has been removed from MY vocabulary.
For years, I’ve put you three ahead of myself,
And, now it’s time for thyself.

This poem was written/submitted by Angel.

You are my other half

You are my guiding star
You are my shining light
You are my everything
what helps me through the night.
You are my heart
You are my soul
You are my savoir
what makes me feel whole.
You are more than my sister
You are my best friend
You are the one that will be there
when my heart needs to mend.
I love you sister
more than you will ever know
You are my other half
with you i am whole

By: Tara J. BARKER

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