Sorry Poems, Poetry about Saying Sorry

I Am Sorry

I am sorry it had to end like this.
I am sorry that I can’t be what you want me to be,
how you want me to be.
I am sorry that loving me caused you so much hurt.
I am sorry that I have done nothing but exacerbate your insecurities.
I am sorry that I walked into your life, gave you hope and not fulfilling your dreams.
I am sorry.
I am sorry.

I am not sorry I met you.
I am not sorry I fell in love with you.
I am not sorry for letting you into my life where no one was allowed for 3 years.
I am not sorry for loving you with all my being while I could.
I am not sorry for having felt wonderfully loved and cherished at the expense of your insecurities.

Your life, my life will go on.
With a big hole that would take a long time to fill.
With hurt that will take a long time to heal.
With hope that one day the pain would ease and eventually go away.

My love for you will never go away….. and that is a promise.

Sorry you Say

Can love be found
after its been lost? ?
can you forgive the
unforgivable? ?
you might be sorry
but i am too…
i thought you cared i thought you were true
but i figured out
that no matter what with love its always, cruel
can you trust
the once untrusted
can you see the lies
in the innocent
i guess not because i trusted you
i’m sad because of what you did
i’m mad because i blame myself
what if i said or did something different
maybe you wouldve been happy
i wonder
can you find love after someones thrown it away
i dont know the answer
i dont know you anymore
i dont think i ever truley knew you
all i know is you hurt me in a way that there is no excuse
i hope you know that your the last person
who will ever touch my heart
i’m locking it up now in a safe forever there it’ll stay
perhaps it’ll help my heart heal
is love at first sight real
is it as real as the pain you’ve given me
are you as sorry as you claim to be
i guess we’ll just have to wait and see
if your truely sorry you’ll have to wait
can you forgive
the unforgivable
i dont think so…..
i dont think i’ll be able
i’ll have to stay away from you to become stable
i’m drowning in my thoughts of sorrow
there’s no one here to save me
so i guess i’ll just have to keep swimming
until tomarrow…………….maybe my hero will come
you might be sorry
but i am too

This poem was written/submitted by Brittany Meyne.


I know i screwed up a time or two,
But nothing is compared to the time,
I had with you.
We had our ups and downs,
But nobody hates a clown,
But please give me a chance.
Let’s have one more final dance.

This poem was written/submitted by nathan young.

Forgive Me

I never meant to hurt you
the way I know I have.
Your love means more to me
than anything and I’ll do whatever it takes
to prove that to you.

Since the day I met you and
your love touched my heart
I knew that my life would never be the same.

Please forgive me for the pain I’ve caused.
I’ll make it up to you every chance I get.
You have my heart and my love forever.

This poem was written/submitted by Daniel.

I am so sorry my love.

Sorry, I am so sorry my love. I hurt you without any reason
Your tears made my heart cry. Why I did to you that I don’t know
Forgive me! I am so sorry my love

Sorry, I am so sorry my love. I scold you without any reason
Your pain made my heart to think
My cruel heart suspects you for nothing
Forgive me! I am so sorry my love

Sorry, I am so sorry my love. I did not mean to hurt you
When you cry then I cry more than you
Because I love you all my heart and soul
Forgive me! I am so sorry my love

Sorry, I am so sorry my love
I told you that I would never hurt you again
but again I made your tears flow once more
Now, I promise you that I will not hurt you again
Forgive me! I am so sorry my love.

This poem was written/submitted by Jatin.

I Am Sorry

Baby, I’m sorry about our past
But I’m changing to make us last
I’m sorry for the names you were called
To see that look on your face, my life was stalled
I’m sorry for not treating you with respect
Don’t worry, there won’t be anymore neglect

I’m sorry for the lies and being so fake
I will show you my true love, will you please take?
I’m sorry for not being there
From this day on, I will show you I care
I’m sorry for not being me
My real self, you soon will see

I’m sorry for not being the man
Since I woke up, now I know I can
I’m sorry for causing all your tears
Don’t worry, I’m here to wash away your fears
I’m sorry for the awful conversations
For now on, only sweet vibrations

Baby, I’m sorry for putting you through hell
I’m glad, I finally tripped and fell
I’m sorry for not putting you on top
The way I acted will be put to a stop
I’m sorry for everything, don’t push me away
Please forgive me, your heart is the place I want to stay

This poem was written/submitted by Cory Graham.

I Am Sorry world

I’m sorry world
For letting you down
I’m sorry world
For being a clown
I’m sorry world
For making you tic
I’m sorry world
For being a dick
I’m sorry world
For crying
I really should be trying
Thank you world
For not giving up hope
Just don’t send me any soap..

This poem was written/submitted by Funny Girl.

I’m Sorry

I’m constantly apologizing.
I don’t know what else to say.
I don’t know how else to say it.
I’m sorry I was born this way.

I’m sorry I’m not good enough.
That I’m not perfect like you

I’m sorry I’m not pretty enough.
That I’m not skinny enough.

I’m sorry that I’m not smart enough
to make you proud of me.

I’m sorry that I’m not as organized
as you’d like me to be.

I’m sorry that I try hard enough to cry
at every little thing

I’m sorry I’m such a disappointment
to everyone I meet.

I’m sorry I’m not as graceful
as the prima I want to be.

I’m sorry that I’m just another emo wannabe.

I’m sorry I’m just a wannabe that wants to be just like you.

Like you, with your brains, beauty, organization, and grace.
All the things I don’t have.

I’m sorry that I’m lazy.
Though I’m constantly going in a million different directions.

I’m sorry that I did this.
I’m sorry that I said that.
I’m sorry that I’m sorry all the time.

I’m sorry that I always make the little mistakes that make me sound like a broken record.

I’m sorry that I’m always in despair.
I’m sorry that I’m always crying.
I’m sorry that it hurts
I’m sorry that you are oblivious to all of this.

I’m sorry that you think that I know nothing.
I’m sorry that I know what I do.

I’m sorry you think I can’t feel anything.
I’m sorry that I feel these things the way I do.

I’m sorry that I’m sorry that I’m sorry.

But most of all,
I’m sorry that you’re not.

This poem was written/submitted by Ally Beenie.

I’m Sorry Mom

Mother’s Day Poetry,
I’m Sorry Mom!
I’m sorry for the troubles
And the worries I brought you.
I’m sorry for my mistakes,
I didn’t mean to make you blue.
When I was young and growing up,
Living in your home for so long,
I made many people sad,
I did many things wrong.
So I thought that I could show you now,
By moving away and being on my own,
That I was finally straightened out,
I wanted to prove to you I am finally maturely grown.
But I havn’t done to well at that,
I guess it goes to show,
You never really solved it all,
You never really know.
I’d like to show you now,
I need to take the time to say,
Thanks for accepting both the good and bad,
I hope you have a Wonderful Mother’s Day!

This poem was written/submitted by Shinki.

I’m Sorry My Love

Last time when i said goodbye
I could see tears in your eye
I know how much you love me
But why aren’t you able to see
That I am not used to this pain
I don’t want love in my life again

I want to be alone
Even when this whole world is gone
I can sing my own songs
Or i can wait for happiness all life long
I can live with a lie
But i just can’t afford to die

I am too selfish to be yours
I would rather take costly gifts than these sweet flowers
I just want a lot of money to live
I don’t care whatever you give
Your life matters nothing to me
No matter how much time you took to wove this love for me

You should have known better what i am
And you know i wont give a damn
I can say all this and a lot more
But you reside in my heart in galore
I can pretend that i hate you
But my life is so much empty without you

I can ignore you for a lifetime
But i would get sentenced for committing this hideous crime
I can fake all that i want to on your face
But the real smile comes from your grace
I love you more than my own life
I am ready to take this whole world’s strife

Life is nothing with you in it
Love means nothing with you than shit
This is what i was made to say
When you went away on that fateful day
It was either him or your regretful death
Either his hand or your coffin with a wreath

I had no choice
I called you but there was no voice
I ran to you but i could not reach you
I tried to look but my eyes couldn’t find you
I cried for you the whole night
Longing for just one short sight
They took me to you the next day
The place where your pale body lay
I just fell down on my knees
That day no one listened to my pleas
I sorry my love for hurting you if i ever did
But i loved you more than anyone else did….

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