Thank You, Mama

Mama, thank you for all the love that you have given me throughout the years.
thank you for being there to help me through most of fears
thank you for all that you for all the times that I felt like I couldn’t make it through
thank you for giving me wisdom and for being you
thank you for all the joy and laughter that brought into my life
thank you for always standing up to redeem strife
thank you for the dedication to me that you have invested
thank you for being my security and to you may god bless
thank you for the long sermons
thank you because without you I would not be able to awake each day and live on
thank you for making me believe, for the love you’ve given , and the love from you that I have received
thank you for al of the comfort that you’ve given
thank you for giving me the time of the day and opening my eyes so that I may see
there could never be as many thank you’s that I have for you, but I’ll always remember no matter how much we struggled
love is what you have never taken away and for that once again, thank you and remember that I’ll always love you too!

This poem was written/submitted by Dearson.

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One Response to “Thank You, Mama”

  1. wow this have make me cry i lost my mom