Yesterday Reborn

Yesterday my spirit was born
Fourty three years earlier my sin filled body was born
These past years spent but reviled away
But the Lord forgives, I found that day
The worlds wieght lifted when I was reborn
The Lord showed me the way of the devils thorn
I was punished for my heathen way
To the point of death I would throw it all away
I cried that day when I asked forgiverness
For my Lord was waiting for me to confess
He has given me a new body this day
And for His death for me, from Him I will not stray
Can I now let all others be aware
That our Saviour is always there
And what happened to me on that glorious day
Can be thiers, they need not stay away
I pray all sinners will now find the path
And come be emersed in this spiritual bath.
I pray all sinners will turn away
And leave behind the devils foray.

This poem was written/submitted by Craig Proctor.

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